Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thanks to Canadian parents

I would like to recognize and thank all of the Canadian parents (and other adults accompanying our team) who helped out to make this a true team effort:
  • Andrei Botez did everything necessary to get us organized and motivate the team, ran the daily team meetings, and even drove to the next town during the power outage to get to a web site for children playing against Romanian players.
  • Vlad Birarov was tireless in his work for the team, from compiling our opponents' games prior to the CYCC, to running the puzzle contest, to making himself available for pre-game pre and post-game analysis.
  • Victoria Jung-Doknjas took photos, posted information on the blog, created the team awards categories, and was a general all around helper.
  • Leo Song took daily photos in the main playing hall - please post them when possible!
  • Teresa Bellissimo and Maureen Yao did "hall / bathroom monitor" duty for the U10 section. Teresa was also generally an all around helper.
  • Victor Itkin compiled our daily team +/- scores.
  • Dr. Parmjit Sohal, Alex Kalaydina, and Aris Marghetis who served as arbiters.
- Andrew Giblon

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