Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team Meeting and Blog Chess Puzzle Winners

Daily Team Meetings are being held to make announcements and discuss any issues or concerns that arise.

The 4 Top Blog Chess Puzzle Solvers were Announced by Coach Vladimir Birarov at today's Team Meeting:

Joshua was the most persistent puzzle solver as he was the only one who attempted all the chess puzzles.

Melissa diligently solved the puzzles and won 3rd place.

2nd Place won by Minya

Top prize goes to John.

Team meetings provide opportunity for Team Members to share information, review issues and concerns; and to encourage one another.
-  Victoria Jung-Doknjas

1 comment:

  1. Way to go John and Joshua! I am happy to see you have not forgotten to solve puzzles on a regular basis. Keep it up! Bigger rewards will be awaiting patiently but surely for both of you.
    "Once a Golde Knight, forever a Golden Knight"
    Share the spirit with your team mates!
    Forever your friend :-)