Monday, October 11, 2010

ONE TRAVEL – EVENT TRAVEL (World Youth Chess 2010)

Markets and Caves (Wednesday 27 October)

Join the locals and bag a bargain such as local handicrafts and lace and see how the locals shop, at the local market in Nea Moudania every Wednesday.
Finish off at the cave (stalactite) of Petralona and marvel at this historic landmark where they found the first fossil in the world of a man standing on two legs.
Join the locals and see the unique fossil at the cave!
Start from Hotel: 0800 -Return to Hotel 14.00
Pick up from the hotels to Nea Moudania – visit market –
drive to Petralona – visit cave – back to the hotels.
Price: 29,00 euros - kids up to 12 years 15 euros. Includes guide.
Not Inculdes entrance fee in cave (4 euros)
Info-bookings: 0030693 2 215971

Mount Athos Cruise

Sometimes referred to as Mt. Athos ( the “Holy Mountain”), the name of the 2033m mountain close to the southern tip of the peninsula, has had the status of an autonomous state for over 1,000 years. Famous for its ancient monasteries, the first of which was built in 963 by St. Athanasios, Athos is the most difficult section of Halkidiki to visit. All females, including female animals, are forbidden to pass beyond Ouranopolis into the monks’ territory. Men who wish to visit must apply for a permit up to 6 months in advance, allowing them to visit no longer than 4 days. Up to 120 permits for Greek men and 10 for foreigners are issued daily.To this day 1.700 monks still live under strict rule on the Holy Mountain, with no woman ever being allowed to set foot there.
The cruise will begin in Ormos Panagias, a very small village. Passing Sithonia you will reach the peninsular Athos. Cruising along the west coast you have the opportunity to view and photograph Europe’s most unique Monks republik with its impressive Byzantine Monasteries. Now you can enjoy the picturesque village Ouranopolis.
You have to see the indepent state in the midst of Greece.
Program: Start from Hotel : 08.30 Return to Hotel 17.30
Pick up by coach from the hotels to Ormos Panagias – by boat to peninsular Athos – sailing along the west coast – break in Ouranopolis – back to Ormos Panagias and to the hotels.
Price: 54,00 euros - kids up to 12 years 27 euros (includes quide and boat ticket)

Vergina – Olympus

Vergina was the first capital of the Macedonians. The exposed kings’ graves are global known. They testify the high cultural level of the Macedonian empire under the government of Philipp II and his son Alexander the Great.
The glamorous image of the truthful kinglike richness is presented also clearly through the arms. All discoveries are adorable handworks and excellent works of art. A museum with modern equipment was constructed around the burial chamber. These written words are only a small help. Dive into the rich past of Macedonia and let yourself inspire by the invaluable finds.
Olympus was according Greek mythology the domicile of gods with godfather Zeus………..
Don’t miss the king graves and the highest mountain in Greece!
Program: Start from Hotel: 0800 - Return in Hotel: 1900
Approximately 2 hour drive to Litochoro, a walk into a gorge (2 hours), free time in Litochoro,
Drive to Vergina, visit site with Museum and king graves.
Price: 45,00 euros - kids up to 12 years 23 euros. Includes guide.


Thessoloniki was built by King Kassandros 315 before Christ at the place of the little antique city Thermi. The name Thessaloniki was given by the wife of Kassandros, the sister of Alexander the Great. Because of the important harbour, Thessaloniki became shortly one of the most famous cities of Greece. The big development begun under the Romans at 168 before Christ. Around 50 anno domini Apostle Paulus visited again the town and declared the Christianity. At the end of the 3rd century anno domini emperor Galerius transformed Thessaloniki to one of the center of the east-latin empire.
The city was nerved by beautiful buildings and today still remains of the castle, of the triumphal arch (Kamara) and the mausoleum of Galerius (Rotonda) can be visited.
During Byzantium Thessaloniki was the second town in the empire and one of the most important economic centers. In 904 Thessaloniki was attacked and despoiled by the Sarazenen and in 1204 by the Normans. From 1204 till their liberation in 1222 Thessaloniki was the capital of the Latin Kingdom.
1430 Thessaloniki was taken over by the Turks und unslaved in 1912 by the Greek army.
Today Thessaloniki is the second largest town of Greece (approx. 1.500.000 inhabitants).
The harbour and the international fair are anyhow responsible that Thessaloniki contributes significant to economy. Come and visit the 2nd largest city in Greece, a chance to visit and explore the contrasting sights of the old citadel and the new!
Program: Start from Hotel 08:30 - Return to Hotel: 18: 00
By coach to Thessaloniki White Tower – free time –shopping - visit the church Agios Dimitrios - visit the old town of Thessaloniki with the Acropolis – back to the hotels.
Thessaloniki price: 40 ,00 euros - kids up to 12 years 20 euros Includes guide and city tour

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