Thursday, October 28, 2010

Huge storm create problems!

Last night was huge storms which created a power failure at the main hotels. Now I am in the closest village (15min by small ferry) in a internet cafe. The 2nd largest hotel has more problems then us. Organizers told me that the main level was flooded. If the power will not be restored by 3.00PM local time the round will be postponed for tomorrow. Another issue that my affect the reparation is the fact that today is a national free day in Greece (I can see at the TV national Greek army parading).
In our rooms right now is just one plug that is branched to the generator and everyone is using that outlet in order to charge their laptops.
The front desk ladies are not happy with the amount of complains coming from the parents, and they can not offer any help if and when the power will be restored.

On the other hand our team spirit is high, every players enjoys their time here and we hope to see more Canadians players in the top 10 boards.

I already tell all the players that the Canadian chess comunity are following their progress here in Greece but they asked me why nobody is posting on our blog with one exception. They enjoy Hazel Smith comments and they ask me to thank her for her kind words.

Kalimera from Greece!


  1. Hi Team Canada,

    FYI - there are more than 70 posts on ChessTalk and CFC's forums conmbined, and over 3300 views of the posts about what is happening in Greece. Andrei is definitey right that we (the Canada chess community) are following closely back home on WYCC.

    The reason that we did not post here, I guess, is that we are so used to the ChessTalk and CFC forums for posting chess news.

    Following are some quotes from the mentioned forums:

    "I am very proud for our team Canada. I haven't seen such success from a lot of our members in a LONG time. Good job team Canada." - Yelizaveta Orlova

    "Go Canadian team go!!!" - Robert Song

    "Wow. That is very impressive - not exactly an "easy" tournament either. I wish him (and all the Canadian kids) best of luck and congratulations on a great effort." - Kerry Liles

    "Ya, that's some pretty awesome stuff!" - Bindi Cheng

    "Wow, this could be the best result for a canadian player for a very long time!! You can do it Jason!" - Felix Dumont

    "Way to go kids. Go Canada Go." - Michael Lo

    "This is amazing for Jason and Canada." - Fred McKim

    "I hope the double day bodes well for us. Go Canada!" - Hal Bond

    Last, sleep early and rest well for last day's early game, good rest do make a difference.

    All the best,
    Michael Lo

  2. Michael is right. There is a lot of Canadian support on chesstalk too. In fact, this has been one of the most exciting years to follow. However, I know from my own blogging experience that direct comments are often more effective than posts on a separate board. Just know that there are others out there rooting for you. Finish strong!