Saturday, October 23, 2010

Round 4 photos

In addition to pre-game handshakes, I also got some live shots during this round.
- Andrew Giblon

This is a partial view of the playing hall from the control room above, which the organizers were kind enough to allow me to access for taking some photos and videos - there about 1000 players / 500 boards in this one hall.
Melissa Giblon, Girls U12

Jackie Peng, Girls U12

Mark Plotkin, Boys U12

Rebecca Giblon, Girls U14

Nicka Kalaydina, Girls U14

David Itkin, Boys U14

Tanraj Sohal, Boys U14
Tanraj thought for 40 minutes about this move in a critical position.

Alexandra Botez, Girls U16

Roman Sapozhnikov, Boys U16

Marguerite Yang, Girls U18

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